An apicoectomy can be a very simple procedure if the tooth being done is a front tooth or a more complicated procedure if it is being done on a molar. If there are unresolved issues when a conventional root canal therapy has failed and a re-treatment was either unsuccessful or not advised, then an apicoectomy is the procedure of choice. An apicoectomy involves making a small incision in the gum above or below the tooth (depending if it is an upper or lower tooth). The tissue is pushed back and the bone is gradually removed with a dental drill until the root is exposed. The infected portion of the root is accessed by cutting across the end of the root. Any infected tissue contained within the root's tip is removed, the end of the root is prepared and filled with a biocompatible filling material and then sealed. (If the tooth has more than one root involved more bony openings may need to be made and the procedure repeated for each involved root). The incision is then closed.

You will most certainly be given both an Rx for pain as well as an Rx for an antibiotic to ward off infection.